August 4th, 2007

lawn gnome

I'm not alone anymore, I TOTALLY kick butt! Finders keepers, skull face!

Ted: I really hate this song.
Me: I'll bet you go home and change into your JarJarJammies and listen to it every day.
Ted: Me-sa sleepy!

My allergies hate me.

So does a neighbor's cat, from the way it was growling at me when I tried to walk past it. I took a more... scenic route to my front door. For the apartment complex putting their foot down about outside cats (and not allowing new tenants to have pets), there sure are a LOT of them running around in the outofdoors, all calicos.

Paid rent. Ever since I accidentally wrote a random amount on my rent check and turned it in, I'm super paranoid about doing it again. Funny, as I had lived here for over three years at the time that I wrote the wrong amount on the check.

On my way to the office to drop our checks into the night drop, I was convinced that a cat or a squirrel or some mystery critter was following me, as I kept hearing skittering sounds to my left. They would stop when I stopped walking, however.

Seems it's been a long time since I walked around with change in my pocket.