August 9th, 2007


So that's how I got where I am, but this ain't ... where it ends.

I woke up with this song going through my head:

In other news, it's an awesome feeling to go to bed feeling like a fat tubbalard, and wake up and realize that you suddenly fit into a pair of pants that haven't fit in quite some time.

In even other other news, starting next week, I'll be on days for at LEAST two weeks, maybe longer, which SUCKS. It's going to be so difficult getting freight out, let alone keeping all my defects and such caught up when I will only be getting four hours a day to work on it (they don't allow us to even THINK about freight when the store opens at 8 am.)

So, um, yeah. I shall be returning to the land of the living for a bit, though my bedtime will still be early (6 am ish instead of noon).

I'm dreading having to don my superhero outfit (work uniform) and deal with back to school crowds. At least I'm making a dollar more an hour than I was when I did it last time.