September 5th, 2007


Too many things held precious, too many things held dear...

I walked up to Jason and Liz to hear this:

Jason: So that's why we're going to fire EVERYONE and hire all new people.
Me: I heard something to that effect. I hope IIIII'm not included in that.
Jason: Aubrey, the day I say the words "You're fired." to you will be the same day that I slit my wrists and kill myself because of it.
Me: Well, I hope then for both of our sakes that day never comes.

Ted and I were faced with the impossible task of only two of us being able to work two truck shipments out onto the floor (thirteen pallets of freight) in one shift. Neveryoumind that for the first three hours of this shift, the store is open, and we are unallowed to work freight.

I dunno how it happened, but we did it. Granted, we left an hour later, but STILL. I feel accomplished. All my joints and my spine are angry at me.

I HAVE BUSINESS CARDS! They're cheesy, but they were free. I thought about putting them in with my holiday cards this year, if I decide to actually send them out. I mean, really - the whole thing of stuffing a folded piece of paper into an envelope to send it across country (with just your name schlupped down inside) for someone to open it, wonder who "Aubrey" is (for those that don't automatically associate my real name with my user name), and slap it onto a stack of other cards they got from Jims and Bobs and Cassandras that they don't know, either. But the business card has a man hand playing an acoustic guitar that fades into a black background AND has a 2008 calendar on the back, so why not? I wish they had a more feminine hand for the background when I made it, or that I had written my job description as "Music and Photography" instead of "Musician". I wonder how many people will get them and think that it's MY hand? "Here. Have a card with my name, address, phone number, and meaty hand on it so that you may properly stalk me."

Dreamed about job corps last night, about all the magical things that made me almost cry in my dream because I missed it so. I remember looking out of the back of a lodge of some sort. In one direction, there were fabulous mountains under a purple sky, blue grass, beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see. To the left a bit, it was a mystical forest with a red sky and purpley red trees and a ground that was red with brown blotches. I saw fabulous beasts in there - three. They had all been made up by man and had adapted beyond that to the forest, you see.

Job corps was an EXTREMELY important period in my life, but it certainly wasn't MAGICAL.

Finally got Bacci to play with the laser pointer - THE FUNNIEST THING I HAD SEEN IN MY LIFE OMG. The batteries promptly died. It was a cheap thing that I got at the arcade we visited. I may try to replace the batteries, or just buy a better one. All the previous times that I tried to play with Botch with the thing, she wouldn't look at where the red dot was on the floor, just look at my hand as if saying, "The jig is up. I know you're making that. Don't stultify me, mmmkay?"
disco star

How're things on the west coast?

I can't remember if I've shared this yet or not...

There's this thing, you see, called The Chronicles of Rock.

Basically, as taken from the site:

Each week (10 episodes) will highlight 3 bands with behind-the-scenes live performances,practice sessions, home life, family and friend relationships, "real" jobsand a glimpse into the world that surrounds the band and it's journey towardthe prize of recording, touring and ultimately the possibility of cashing thatfirst gold or platinum record paycheck. At the close of each band montage (aka:rockumentary) each band will perform one song each in front of a panel of judges.Those judges will include 1 member of the press, various music celebrities (ex:Nikki Sixxx, Jeffrey Nothing of Mushroomhead, Vanilla Ice, Willie Adler of LambOf God, CC Deville of Poison, Janine "The Porn Star") and 1 averagejoe (or jane) from the general public. They will select 1 winner each episodeand that winner will move on to the next episode to meet 2 new bands. Each episodewinner is chosen based on originality, overall sound and performance/stage presence.What we see from each band on any given show can also make or break their chancesat winning and moving on to the next round of The Chronicles Of Rock.

So my old band, Electric Doormat, is now known as The Mercury Tree. You shall remember I was with them until this last April, yes? Welp, they have released a new album under their new name. I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but am wonderfully amazed by the snippets I've received via MySpace. But that's besides the point.


I'm beyond excited and proud of them. You must check out the websites above. In fact, if you click on TCOR website and go to the "Bands" section and scroll down to The Mercury Tree, my name is mentioned.

Tee hee.