September 21st, 2007


Ray II - Ray's Day Out

Stolen with much glee from machmed.

Dreamed I was mauled by a bear - the Klondike bar bear, in fact, when some jerk stole it from its display and decided to ride it around town. I played dead and got 911 on the phone when it wasn't looking, but only got halfway through the call when the bear came back, so I had to play dead again. I gave the cell phone to my brother and tried to tell him who I had on the phone without making noise. I only had use of my right hand, so i signed 5 fingers, 4 fingers, 1 finger, 1 finger, and pointed at the cell phone. In showing this to him IRL upon waking up, he laughed loudly and said, "Ha ha - 54 crotch!" as that was what it looked like I signed. Good to know he'll be useful in an emergency. ;)

I have a Queen Beryl doll just like that, I do.

I have no subject line as the tv is not on.

Back from the dentist.

This was my first cleaning or anything in four and a half years. Other than a VERY aggressive cleaning back when I lived in Phoenix (Feb '03, I think my last dental visit was), I haven't been to the dentist for anything since I was 18 or 19 - thirteenish years. (The visit in Feb of 03 consisted of going in and having an EXREMELY painful, fast cleaning by a male dentist that spoke almost no English. He couldn't answer any questions and didn't want to do anything beyond that - but said my dental didn't cover the routine cleaning, so I had to shell out $350 or so.) THAT being considered, I didn't do too badly today.

I DO have periodontitis, which is sort of the next step of gingivitis, where you start losing bone mass. It hasn't reached a critical point yet, so it can be fixed over time. I have another appointment on Oct 3rd (10/3 at 10:30!) to get numbed on the right side and do a deep gum cleaning, as well as one of the three fillings I need. (The other two will be done when I go to get the left side deep cleaned.) This, if I had no insurance, would cost me about $1400. With my dental insurance, I'll only pay about 20%. In the long run, they want to extract my wisdom teeth (yes, i'm 32 and still have the suckers) and apply braces. We'll see how it goes or how I'm doing financially when that gets done. I know plenty of adults that got braces in their 30's.

So, although I feel I floss more than the average American (2 - 5 times weekly), I'm still a naughty, naughty girl and will PAY.

I want to eat and go to sleep now, but I'm going girlie shopping with Lori and Liz. Not many other girls get to say they go, uh... plastic date shopping with supervisors at work.

Wages FINALLY getting not garnished (for now), plus a vacation day, plus holiday pay has resulted my paycheck in being over $300 more than it has been for months. Rawk.

While I wait for them to get off work, I shall cook me some Morning Star artichoke veggie bites and watch some blasted teevee.