October 2nd, 2007

bucky scarf

Filet Meow

+ Holy crap, it's OCTOBER.

+ My favoritest month, it is. I just enjoyed a walk home in 55 degree weather with high winds, and I'm not even being sarcastic about the "enjoyed". I wish we could have this weather year round, I do.

+ My first Big Dental Appointment is tomorrow, where they will (ha ha, almost typed "euthanize") numb the entire right side of my face and do one filling and one half of my deep gum cleaning. I'm a bit freaked out, I am. The other fillings I received when I was sixteen, I opted to not have a shot in my mouth, as the idea of a needle in the gums freaked me out much more than tooth pain while getting them filled.

+ I received my yearly review at work, it was wonderful. The only "bad" things Ted had to say about me was that I get frustrated at times when we can't get everything done. This is a polite way of telling me to stop stressing the hell out and stomping around like I had been doing the last couple of weeks. I also don't delegate enough. I received a 31 cent raise. While not much, it was the most they could give me (3% of my current hourly) AND I'm still making a buck thirty-one more than I was at this time last year.

+ I am awaiting news of how my pap turned out. I informed the doctor that I had been raped, and - while it was five and a half years ago - I had never been completely checked out for any possible thing that could be wrong with me. I haven't had signs of anything, but yanno.

+ I have been playing my two Lothar hunters - Rosamund on Alli (lvl 22), and Nakura on Horde (lvl 37). I deleted Catrune (dwarf hunter) to make Rosamund (NE) and deleted Felinthia (BE rogue) to make Nordi (Undead priest). All names are game generated, if'n you're wondering, except Nakura, which is something I made up. She's my gothy girl.