October 7th, 2007

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We were discussing how much freight we had at work and how it seemed hopeless to get it done by the end of the week.

Ted: suggestions?
Me: how about we slit our wrists and crawl into a corner to quietly bleed to death?
Liz: Oh my Gawd!
Ted: How dark! Though the darkness of it all was sort of ruined by the fact that you're sipping coffee from a Christmas mug with puppies on it.
Me: *elaborately* Life is PAIN! Anyone who tells you differently is selling something. *sticks pinky finger up and slurps loudly from her puppy cup*

Dreamed of a contest between my brother and I. We had to kill mice and then come back later and collect the bodies. Who collected the most, won. I felt a bit sad for killing mice, but there were so many! I sat on the hallway floor and dug through the closet, finding stuff from my ex coworker Jason, some Reese's Pieces that I really wanted to eat, but hesistated only because one of my dead mice were next to the bag. But the bag was closed, and the mouse couldn't have been dead THAT long... could it?