October 11th, 2007

cat painting

Mrs. Truong, I thank you for coming all this way.

Sorry I haven't been around, I've been very antisocial - even moreso than usual, if that can be believed. Frustrated with things here and there, like the fact that I get scolded for not delegating things to others, but over 80% of the time I DO, I have to redo it myself, anyway, with more work than I would have had to do if I would have done it myself the first time. Will be working at midnight for the next two weeks, at least.

Am in love with The Fratellis.
Am reading By the Sword by Mercedes Lackey.
Am wondering why the hell my stinking Avon order hasn't gotten here yet.
Am noticing an alarming amount of hair turning white.
Am needing to go to bed NOW, but if I stay up an extra ten minutes, I can see how this episode of Law & Order ends.
Am missing Phoenix for the first time, though I've lived away from there for 4 1/2 years now.