December 25th, 2007

disco star

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I've just been so ... "meh".. when it comes to online journaling anymore. It generally comes and goes, but it seems as if it has been gone for oh so much longer than it had ever been previously.

I hope all of you are surviving and send you many hugs and stuff.

An extra hug to red. Humans disgust me so much at times. Generally, though, when I have totally lost faith in the human race, SOMEthing happens to turn me around completely. I'm quite disgusted right now, so I'm certain it will happen soon.

There's places to go and things to do today. I'm not sure how much I really want to participate in any of the extras besides the brief foray to mom's house. I'm not feeling particularly social (as if I ever do anymore) and since I have to work tonight at 2 a.m., I'm thinking I should try to get a nap in somewhere.

Happy holidays to you, no matter which you celebrate.
disco star

Yeah, coffee. Who's talking to you?

I've been watching a lot of old movies, circa 1930 - 1950's. I absolutely love that it's a picture into what our old people now were like when they were young...

... not much different.

Dashing main men have their pants pulled up to their ears. Women have blond or red hair but roofing tar black eyebrows. Their homes look just about like every grandparent or great grandparent's that I've ever been in, curtains and all.

Does this mean that grandpappies of the future will have their pants down to their knees in order to show off their bomb-diggity undertrousers? Great grandmammies in the mid 2000's will have wonderbras and a million streaks in their hair?


I also confused the hell out of the cat by wrapping presents. She sat across the livingroom on the arm of the couch, craning and moving her neck all around as she watched wide-eyed, but would jump if I even made a slight movement towards her.

I'm currently waiting for Jess and Dan to arrive with Starbucks so that we can go to Mom's for our yearly brief Christmas Day Foray, and then I can come home and hopefully be in bed and totally asleep by 8 pm, as my alarm goes off for work at 11 pm.