December 31st, 2007


You banged your head pretty hard, we may have to keep you overnight.

So I assume that all of you know by now that Adult Swim no longer has the rights to Futurama, and have been saying their farewell by playing one last marathon every single night between 12/26 and 12/31. My brain had issues for a moment after watching the marathon all filled with Leela, and then turned it to a different channel to watch something else... which turned out to be narrated by the voice of Leela.


On my three day weekend after a rough week at work. We received one of the biggest freight shipments ever, and had one of the three of us call in, and then the special needs guy (remember the one that I caught going through my purse?) called in as well, meaning Ted and I not only had to do all the freight, but I had to close out a ton of stuff in my personal department because it was end of quarter/year, and we had to do the cleanup as well, all the cardboard, sweeping, bathrooms, etc., because Terry had his mother call in for him.


I came straight inside after Ted dropped me off, grabbed my I.D. and bank card, then went to Elmer's for pancakes and beer. My initial waitress was very nice and wonderful (though she talked to me like I was four), and was replaced by someone who never spoke to me, but gave my beer and I dirty looks when she went to break. I felt really silly drinking Alaskan Amber in an elderly restaurant at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning, especially since they were packed. I did get some odd looks, but didn't care too far into it - I never drink anymore, so I was pretty tipsy after just an inch of my glass was gone.

Dreams last night of an alien invasion, of all sorts of things. I've slept TONS the last couple of nights - 12 hours the first night, and 13 last night. I guess I needed it?
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Okay, fine.

I'm reading Harry Potter.

Fer realz, I promise. I made it about halfway through the first one yesterday.

I put The Chronicles of Narnia on temporary hold until further notice (currently halfway through The Horse and His Boy. REALLY liked The Magician's Nephew, the second book was aiight...)

Feel ILL.

I'm heading to bed and will be waking up either in 2008, or shortly nearish 2008, when all the fuckers in the neighborhood decide to let off a zillion fireworks in the park immediately behind my bedroom window. (Someone set off one last night around 10 pm, causing me to wake up and almost wet myself because it sounded like a gun going off... followed by shiny sparks.)

I really should, I dunno... BATHE... before I go to sleep. We'll see how that pans out.