January 1st, 2008


Yet another oversight that has resulted in a mouthful of poo.

Sure enough, fireworks woke me up last night. They started far enough off, so that all I heard were dull thuds more or less. Coupled with my brother watching something REALLY funny across the hall, the last couple of hours of sleep weren't very solid.

At midnight, the ones in the park behind my place started going off. I'm thankful that they waited that long, really. But I've been up since then.

I dreamed I was standing in a darkened kitchen with scrumbles, both of us washing our hands in the sink and talking in quiet undertones to each other. I watched us in the third person view from across the room, you see, so I have no idea what was said, but we both seemed in a pleasant mood about it. Our discussion was cut short by giant tree people knocking politely on the door and asking us something, maybe if it was time for tea?

Watched a ton of Law & Order of all sorts this weekend, as it seems as if every channel wants to run one for New Years. I even saw some extremely dated ones that were so old the only person I recognized was Mr. Big, though he talked with an awful New York "accent". Oh, and the 80's hair! Early 90's, maybe.... Ah, thank you, IMDB.com, it was 1990. Jerry Orbach came on the show in '91, it seems, so it must have been the first season.


Hope you all had a nice, wonderful, safe New Years!
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I'm watching the Discovery Channel and checking out the Dirty Jobs marathon. Mike Rowe slays me.

Anyhoo, they're running a commercial periodically for a new orangutan show, where the orangutans shriek.

Bacci really really HATES and is GREATLY WORRIED by the shriek.