January 29th, 2008


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To tuna my mac*n*cheese, or not to tuna? I've been craving the stuff like MAD lately. Can you eat too much tuna?

Accomplished much at work today, though we're currently training two more managers. At least the manager I was working with, Ben, seemed knowledgeable. He's been with the company for awhile, which helped greatly. The other guy, uh.. Marty?.. is new to OMX, but worked for Office Depot for years, apparently. Both are Logistics Managers and had been informed by several people in the grapevine, apparently, that we are THEE best people in the entire district to work with.


I love having a job that is rewarding and appreciative. Yes, it's retail, but I would rather do this than sit stuffed behind a desk.

I took Bacci's collar off of her since it was getting a bit tight. She chewed on it, then groomed it for twenty minutes while on my lap, purring loudly.