February 4th, 2008

disco star

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“Hello. Um, it's me. Still sick as a freakin' dog with zero strength and zero mental capacity to do anything. I'm surprise I can even dial a phone at this point. But um, we kind of don't have internet or cable for the next week. So, if you want to get ahold of me you will have to um, text or call me....and stuff. I thought I had something oh so much more interesting to say here, but I have the mental capacity of a raisin at about this point. So, hello(?) to all of you. Take care!

P.S. I'm Aubrey and I'm super sexy and RAWK!”

Transcribed by: mixedberrywhine
simpsony me

Hot dog fingers?!?!

Thank GOODNESS the outtage only lasted a day. I knew that I didn't have any money to put towards the cable bill, but my brother paid half, which was enough to get us turned back on.

All I had wanted to do today was sit in my perjammas, play me some WoW, and watch me some cheesy daytime television (read: The View + Regis and Kelly.) Imagine my horror when I got up and the tv wasn't working and I couldn't get online OH NOES!!! I also didn't have my phone for awhile (my brother, in true Jessie fashion, lost his and was using it as an alarm.) so I felt a bit of a panic at being completely cut off from the world.

Walked to the maul to deposit Jessie's half of the rent into my account and to grab some grub. During the walk, I noticed quite quickly that I am NOT better. I felt as if I had to climb a mountain to get there, I was so weak and shaky, though it was all downhill.

Daniel picked me up and drove me home, bless his heart. I then played FFXII and went through the entire rigamarole to get the Chaos esper, then watched a few eps of The Office.

I felt the need to, you see, as I dreamed that Jim saved me from this evil cult that drugged and impregnated women. I was undercover, you see, and had thought I was able to sneak out but was busted at the last second. As the drugs started to take effect, I pulled together every ounce of BEING I had to send for help. It could ONLY be to Jim, as he was the only one who ever understood me! As I collapsed, my mind screamed "JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm...m.....m!" and I saw him come racing in, tie swinging madly! He saveded me!

And now the internet is back on just in time for me to go to sleep! Woo!

"I'm your biggest flan."
"You should have put him in custardy."