February 14th, 2008


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Today wasn't a bad day (other than work, of course) - I woke up to a giant gift bag on my computer chair that read "ROCK STAR" that was filled with chocolates, a candle, a Surprise for a Girl bag, and a card from my brother. As I climbed into Elizabeth's car, she handed me a card and a large chocolate frog. Manager Sean bought us breakfast, and James brought dark chocolate truffles. Later, Daniel gave me a yellow and orange rose.


I didn't do shite for anyone - SHAME.

I feel oh so tremendously bloated, I do. I keep wondering why, but then remember that I'm set to bleed in a couple few days.

Damn you, uterus.

I heard a noise behind me, and Bacci had climbed to the top of the BANISTER in an attempt to get to the string on Jessie's Valentine's balloon from Daniel. Her favoritest "food" in the world, you see, is curling ribbon. The boys even put some in the loft to keep it from her once, and she CLIMBED THE LADDER into the loft to eat it.