February 17th, 2008

disco star

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New glasses, yay! Picture taken around 4 am in the OfficeMax bathroom before yanking my head back into my "head nipples" to work freight.

Head nipples = ... well, my hair isn't long enough yet for a single ponytail, so instead, i pull each side back into a pigtail that is only partially pulled through in the last, uh.. pull through. Because my hair isn't long enough for this to look even remotely cute, I feel as if it appears that I have nipples on the back of my head.

I am The Sex. What can I say?

Also proof positive that I still have not dyed my hair since I hacked it all off last... April? It's aaaaaalll me, baby.

My breasts currently feel like they weigh five times their normal weight and have been slammed in doors repeatedly. Even rolling over in my sleep is a massive and painful chore, let alone carrying heavy boxes or - God forbid - stepping off of a freaking CURB.

Uterus? Please bleed, already.