February 20th, 2008


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I found out today that an ex coworker of mine, Jerry H., died two weeks ago of cancer.

There are only three of us left at OfficeMax that worked with him. He was a gentle, nice, older man who left OMX after working in the Copy Max area for around seven years. He was slow to anger - though I remember I pissed him off once and was beyond compelled to NEVER do it again. He used to walk the aisles at work chanting "AWWWWBREEEEE" to which I would respond "JEEEEHR-EEEEE" in the same sing songy voice.

My favorite Jerry story was of him accidentally getting locked in the store when everyone left. He was so quiet at times that people would forget he was there. Apparently, Store Manager Scott and his closers were walking out to the car one night after locking up and turning on the alarm, when they heard a noise behind them - Jerry pounding on the door to get let out.

Apparently, he didn't suffer long - his mother said that he was diagnosed with cancer, and died three weeks later.