February 21st, 2008


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Erm, if you want to add me to your Netflix friends list: aubrey.mcsaurus at gmail.com.

Work is stressing me the FUCK out. Elizabeth and I were talking about how we're beginning to truly hate our jobs, which is an ultimate first for us... at least, first time in a VERY long time that we have wanted to just walk out or not go. This is supposed to be our slow time, and we're having corporate visit after visit, one thing after the next. We had our giant one last week, which we failed miserably, the district manager tomorrow, Loss Prevention audit on Tuesday (which is half done in my area, so it will be a personal audit for me - SCARY) and inventory on the following Saturday. There's so freaking much to do and little to no time to do it in, and a staff that is almost completely filled with lazy or incompetent jerks. I'm hoping that this gets fixed soon, and that Liz and I are not taken out in the fallout.

I keep wanting to vent more about specifics, but by the time I get home, I'm just so stressed and deflated, that I would rather just forget it all and start over.

My right shoulder is still killing me.

Started reading The Half Blood Prince last night.

Thank the Powers That Be for beer and chocolate.

P.S. - Marc Blucas is made of Hott, but dayum, does the movie Thr3e SUCK. It's downright painful. I'd still do 'im, though.
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I was still pissy from work when I stumbled across this again:

Plus, I got thee best email ever from Mr. Ted, aka THE BEST MANAGER EVER CREATED, yo.

I laffed.

Now I go to bed.