March 13th, 2008

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As much as I SO don't feel like it, I have a dr's appointment tomorrow morning at 935 for my dizziness. It's twice as bad today as it was yesterday, so I figured that I might as well make an appointment, just in case it gets progressively worse. I don't think I can handle doing all the physical stuff that a severe freight day entails on Saturday feeling like this. I just hope that my employers don't think that I'm making it up to go on vacation a day or two early.

I felt almost ready to pass out a few times today and went to WinCo to get some healthy low carbish non sugary food for my lunch to see if it might be blood sugar related. I made myself a VERY delicious sammich with turkey and roast beef and provalone and lettuce and sauce, and while I felt a million times more human after eating it, I didn't feel UN dizzy. Either way, it would behoove me greatly to eat like I'm already a raging diabetic, in order to help thwart the disease that I have been guaranteed to get sometime in my lifetime.

Holy crap, am I freezing.

I found a pet brush and have been using it on Bacci. She can't quite decide if she LOVES it or HATES it, as she'll bite it angrily, but then rub her face into it lovingly. She stays put when I brush her and even lays down, though her tail goes insane and she looks over her shoulder at it all squinty and angry eyed.

Coworker Lori owns just about every movie ever made, give or take, plus a zillion and one seasons of stuff. She said that as a gift for me when I'm on vacation, that she will give me a ton of them to watch. Going off her list, I made a GIANT list of stuff I would like to eventually see, i.e. all the seasons of Buffy, Angel, Smallville, CSI: Everywhere, and Roswell, as well as all of the Ocean's movies, Bourne's, Pirates'eses, etc.

Boy, will THAT clear a ton of stuff off of my Netflix queue :)

Again, if'n you're on Netflix and would like to add me as a friend: aubrey.mcsaurus at Same email if you want to add me to GoodReads.

Now? I'm thinking peanut butter and toast and HOT FREAKING TEA.

And a heater, plx.

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I had zero desire to see the first Hulk movie...

Okay, just a little. But certainly not a burning of the nerdiness that marches in my veins (like giant radioactive rubber pants!!) as I did with the XMen movies.

But heeey, now. One with Ed Norton? Methinks that I would watch him recite War and Peace... backwards.

That makes no sense.

I have no idea what suddenly caused this massive love for Edward Norton to surface. I've always adored him as an actor, but - for some reason - I suddenly have a desperate need to see more of his work.

But, um, yes. This was news to me: a new Hulk movie starring Ed Norton, Liv Tyler, AND Tim Roth?

Rawk. I might actually watch it when it goes to DVD.