March 15th, 2008


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Oh yay, thanks to Lori, I get to see the entire season of Firefly for the first time! And Serenity!

Oh yay, thanks to my uterus, I get to use my DivaCup for the first time!

Oh yay, thanks to my uterus, I will NOT be cramping on my birthday!

Oh yay, thanks to my uterus, I get to use my HagRag!

Oh yay, thanks to Lori, I have my meds! and my groceries from work!

If you've ever considered using the non disposable menstrual napkins, I highly recommend this site, by the way! Affordable - ADORABLE, and the site's owner, Tanya, is beyond wonderful!

I didn't actually see a doctor yesterday, per se, but a nurse practitioner. He was beyond nice and we joked around muchly. I just really wish I wouldn't have kept doing this weird thing where I kept giving him two thumbs up after a bunch of my sentences.

(Have I mentioned that I'm socially awkward at times?)

He prescribed me something for the dizziness and a gel for the rosacea. When I went to get them filled, I was informed that the pills were not covered by my insurance and were $11.99. The gel? $179.99!!! For a 30 day supply, yo! I almost wet myself in the middle of Barnes & Noble when they told me over the phone. After some recalculating, they got it down to just under $40.. and while I was more excited about the gel than the not being dizzy (priorities!) I could only afford one or the other for the next couple of days, so got the pills. Apparently, they don't cure anything other than dizziness, and will knock me on my ass when I take them.

(At least I'm not working.)

So my birthday is on Wednesday! Any of you local yocals want to get together for lunch or something? We generally hit Taste of Asia in downtown Vancouver since it's free for birthday girls and boys around! Or maybe get together for something else? I'm open to ideas, really. I don't know why, but this is the first birthday in years that I have WANTED to do something other than stuff myself to bursting with eight different kinds of meat.

Like my mask? Isn't it pretty? It brings back the dead! ... Americans.

Apparently, I've been eating pecans my whole adult life and thinking they were walnuts.


I feel really physically... weird tonight. Dizzy and hazy and... really really off.

The TMI situation from earlier has been fixed, thank you all for your help.

Watched lots today:

L The first 2.5 eps of Firefly - my PS2 refused to play the rest. Grr... just enough to get me hooked.
L Fierce Creatures
L The Fifth Element
L Coyote Ugly
L The first 4 eps of Buffy Season 3.

I also managed to play a few songs on my guitar and try to exercise my voice. Whatever is going on in my ears/sinuses is causing sound to be very .. distorted for me right now. I no likey.

I also dinged 45 in WoW on my Night Elf hunter Pencilcup.

I also also ate a very delicious sammich with turkey and roast beef and provolone on my favoritest kind of bread: whole grain with tons of seeds and nuts! But mostly seeds.

My physically weirded out self is going to bed now.