March 19th, 2008


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Borntoday, you are likely to have one predominant talent that may well opendoors everywhere you go and give you the kind of confidence andcredibility that you so heartily crave. You are not so much aftertangible success as you are after a sense of personal fulfillment andaccomplishment; if you feel you have done your best work, regardless ofthe rewards it brings, then you are happy. Fortunately, however, you'relikely to enter a field in which your best work can and will bring youremarkable financial results. You may, in fact, become quite wealthy ifnot famous and immensely popular as well.

You can be rather stubborn at times, but thiscomes from a certain unspoken insecurity that is ever present, thoughnever overbearing. This, too, you are able to control in your work,though in personal affairs it may affect you more than you would like.You counteract insecurity with a sense of daring.

GlennClose, actress; Ursula Andress, actress; Bruce Willis, actor; WyattEarp, lawman; Patrick McGoohan, actor; David Livingstone, explorer.

Weirdly? Quite truthful. I had loverly dreams about my insecurities tonight, involving my job. I dreamed I came back from vacation and everyone was yelling and screaming at me, telling me how worthless I am, nothing has been done in my area in so long! "I WAS ON VACATION!" I would scream back at them, as I tried frantically to complete this $5000 delivery order for a customer, but I kept feeling I was going to lose the sale or lose credibility because I was so distracted and I couldn't find a calculator!!!

0px appeared in midst of the chaos and said to not worry, the people and things that matter most will come easily, and that they will always think I'm wonderful and cuddly.

I need coffee now, plz.
bwa kawk

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Oh, and for you locals:

Asian Buffet at Taste of Asia today around one pm'ish.

T.G.I.Friday's on Friday around sixish? The one by the maul, on the other side of the 500 from it, over by IHoP.