March 27th, 2008

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I came home and all I wanted to do was have a giant bowl of cereal. I pour my stuff, toss in milk, and plop in front of the t.v. as I boot my computer. Three full bites in, I think, "Why do my cheerios taste funny?" I take another bite... and realize that the cheerios taste fine, it's the MILK.

I go to the fridge and look - yup, the milk expired a WEEK ago. BLEH. I always freaking check the milk AND sniff it before using it... the one time that I don't....

Even though I've eaten something else since then, I can't get the taste of rot out of my mouth.

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I'm up and ready for my first night on overnights... though saying "up"would constitute that I actually fell asleep at some point.  Yes, thiswill be my second day this week that I will have been up for well over24 hours by the time that I get home.  I have no idea why I can't sleep- I even took a sleeping pill!  (Which I almost never take, by theway)  I just can't seem to turn the brain off.  The next couple ofweeks will be beyond stressful and hectic for me, between work, bandpractice, and two (!!) shows.

I'm watching XMen II on Fx... I'm so beyond thankful that these moviesweren't nearly as horrid as some of the other superhero flicks, i.e.Fantastic Four and Hulk.

I think I may take another try at the cereal thing, but this time use my soy milk like I had thought about doing the first time.

Thank you, God, for inventing caffeine.

"If God had intended us to walk, he wouldn't have invented rollerskates."
disco star

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Lay in bed trying to sleep with this song parading round and round in my head:

Son, look at all the people in this restaurant
What do you think they weigh?
And out the window to the parking lot
At their SUV's taking all the space

They give no f**k
They talk as loud as they want
They give no f**k
Just as long as there's enough for them

Gonna get on the microphone down at Wal-Mart
Talk about some shit that's been on my mind
Talk of the state of this great nation of ours
People look to your left
Yeah, look to your right

They give no f**k
They buy as much as they want

They give no f**k
Just as long as there's enough for them

Son, look at the people lining up for plastic
Wouldn't you like to see them in the National Geographic?
Squatting bare assed in the dirt eating rice from a bowl
With a towel on their head, and maybe a bone in their nose

See that asshole with the peace sign on his license plate?
Giving me the finger and running me out of his lane
God made us number one because he loves us the best
Well he should go bless someone else for a while
Give us a rest
(They give no)
Yeah, and everyone can see
(They give no)
We've eaten all that we can eat

Only about another hour until I've been up 24 hours and about one minute until I leave for work.