March 30th, 2008


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Home from helping out the Tigard store, about three hours or more before I thought I would be. I had fun and accomplished a ton - right up until three hours into my shift when the computer kicked me out and wouldn't let me back in (when you do stuff like I do at another store, that store has to "borrow" you into their system so that the counts and paperwork and stuff goes into their store, instead of your home store, if that makes sense)... so since none of us seemed to get things done like we had wanted to (spinning our wheels, Manager John kept saying) we all took off. I'm going to attempt to go to sleep now, so that I may get up and head to Ben's for band practice... and then home for sleep again. Every waking moment I'm not at work this week will be spent over there in preparation for our show on Saturday. My work schedule is all super wonky this week, so we shall see how much sleep I really get.

Still reading The Riftwar Saga. The first book was beyond cheese (I haven't read these books since I was a wee teen, and I remember loving them greatly then...) but I started getting into them more, starting about halfway through Magician: Master. I discovered that I DO still have a crush on Arutha.


Now, for poop and bed.
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I'm all fed and caffeinated now, and will be very shortly on my way to Ben's for the first band practice I've been to in over a year. EXCITEMENT!... and nervousness.

It's a long ride on the Max and C-Tran to get out there, about three hours, but I cherish the rides sometimes. It's the little things that you see during commutes like this that I will miss once I get around to getting a car again.

Ooh, and it's my first trip with my new glasses, so I will actually be able to SEE things going on around me!

Gaw, I love Portland.