April 4th, 2008

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Mmmm... the joys of money!

... or the lack, thereof.

My check today was TINY. I had heart failure at first, as I couldn't figure out how in the world I was only paid for 40 hours for two weeks. Seems that management forgot to put in my vacation time - A-FREAKING-GAIN. They owe me bucks! Big bucks! Rent is due today, too.

In looking at my two bank sites, though, it seems that if I pool those two together and toss in Jess's rent money, I should be able to clear it fine. I just REALLY hope that they plan on fixing this, and soon. The last time there was a snafu like this, it took weeeeeeks to rectify.


Other things happened at work, which I so don't feel like going into right now. Instead, I shall go pay my rent and watch some boob toob, whilst relaxing on the first afternoon I've had off in quite some time.

Also - best thing evur is watching my cat climb a ladder into the storage loft.

Speaking of cat - damnit! I forgot cat litter again. Fuck.

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I feel so mentally and artistically BLOCKED. I feel as if I have all this potential, just underneath the surface, but nothing that I seem to do can get it to break out.

Our first show is tomorrow night, and I'm more than a bit nervous. I'm beyond excited that we will be performing an acoustic version of Paint on the Air, but I can't seem to figure out the harmonies, and they're what used to be so easy to me! I hate my voice anymore, I feel like I can't get it to do what I need it to do, what it used to do. I am coming back after a year of not doing anything with my voice, excluding one drunken night of karaoke for my brother's birthday back in December.

I'm hoping that I just need to get through this first show, and that it will be easier after that.

I just... need some sleep and a bit of rest. These last couple of weeks have been moida! I just wish that I was able to get the rest and stuff before the show, instead of the show being this giant climax of two weeks of stress.

As Ben was driving me home from practice last night, we were stuck in traffic next to a VW bug. I thought, "Didn't Ben used to drive one of those?" and had a flashback of him pulling his accordion out of the car, back in the days that we were in The Vacant Stairs together in Phoenix. Amazing to think that six or more years later, he and I are still playing together musically (more or less) after so many things happening in our lives, after being through so much. Hell, we're not even in the same state as where we were in our first band together. That must mean something, yes?