May 3rd, 2008

lawn gnome

(no subject)

In all my rage, I forgot to say YAY! for an extra $600 from the government in an automatic stuffed deposit.

I also have a question for any of you who have had i.v. sedation for an oral surgery. On May 10th, I'll be partaking in one of those for a deep gum cleaning and a filling. (I also get to on the 15th, for my wisdom teeth removal - eek.) My question to YOUS, is... how do you feel the very next day? On May 11th, I am possibly being requested to work a 10 hour shift - open to close - for one of thee very first times I'll be 100% on my own at work as a supervisor - the ONLY supervisor/manager working all day. Will this be feasible, or will I still be a bit too woozy or whatever?