May 6th, 2008

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Aww, I was going to post a YouTube video of the dance off between Stephen Colbert and Rain, but every copy of it has already been pulled due to copyright violation. Daaang, those people work fast. So, instead I bring you a random video I found of a fennec fox cleaning itself before taking a catnap:

Got to work and found an email with the subject line "Promotion for Aubrey Ann Keating: Rejected" Mrrh? I opened it - it was an automated response saying that my promotion had been rejected by the district manager. I figured that there was some explanation for it, as I had met with Craig briefly on Friday and he shook my hand with congratulations and stuff. Sean leaned over my shoulder, read it and started in with, "Oh, honey - I'm so sorry! You are worth so much more than any other person in this building! You'll still be awesome back here doing what you were!" etc. I was FIIIIINE - though a little unnerved - until he started insisting that it was oh so much more... so I started crying. I felt like an idiot crying in front of Sean... until I remembered who I was crying in front of. Either way, I wasn't going to have any answers for FIVE HOURS until Jason came in.

When he came in, he barked over the radio for me to get into the office NOW. He told me to sit down, and said that my promotion was rejected - for MANY reasons. The biggest reason was, "You're just too darn sexy for the position" at which point, I threw what I had in my hand at him (a gum wrapper - 5 gum is MY FAVORITE OMG) and he and Sean laughed. Oh, yay, thanks. (If that had come from ANYone other than Jason, I would have fuhlipped.

Sean then took a two hour lunch and returned with a "Sorry, dood, I lost my wallet."

It's so tempting to walk up to the corner store and buy ice cream. Or maybe go to bed.

Edit: oh - it was rejected because they forgot to switch Liz's position to Sales Supervisor, so it looked like we were going to have two Logistics Supervisor. Everything is hunky dory.