May 8th, 2008

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No energy to add much on what was said over the last few days.

I'm stressed and depressed (but only in regards to the job that once filled me with glee). I officially got my keys today, so I can let myself into and out of the store at will - but still lack a magical number to turn off the alarm, or access via my password to do computery managerial stuff.

One more day of work before a weekend that includes i.v. sedation #1, then three days of work, followed by wisdom teeth taking outting and three or four more days off.

Coworker James is in the hospital (the one I'm to be training to take my old position) due to appendicitis. Sean and I went to visit him and smuggle in some of his favoritest dark chocolate and a card signed by every coworker that walked into the building before we left (including Cassie, the new girl he's never met.) He seemed beyond genuinely happy that we cared enough to stop by.

Brushing Bacci now results in her smacking her nose HARD and repeatedly on random things on my desk, which makes her look like a furry chicken. She alternates this with slamming her forehead against other objects, looking like a tiny clawed goat.

I'm freezing, so I shall climb into the shower before going to bed.

Lawdy, Lawdy, give me strength.