June 14th, 2008

me eyeroll

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My story for the day:

I went to work at 4 am this morning and was ready to eat my shoe by 10 am, I was so hungry. Aimee and I drove to McDonalds for breakfast. I went to order their hotcakes, but pronounced the "a" in "cakes" as if it were a soft "o". I realized halfway through the word what I was doing, and laughed and repeated my mistake loudly, "Yeeeeeaaaah! I WANT ME SOME HOT COCKS FOR BREAKFAST!!!" I chuckled a bit... and then realized what I had just yelled in the middle of a geriatric-filled McDonalds lobby. The best was the cashier, who gave me a dead pan expression and replied, "Um, yeaaah. Well, this is a family establishment...."