June 23rd, 2008


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R.I.P. George Carlin. Thank you for bringing me great mirth throughout the years.


So tired after work. I work a mid today, two morning shifts (6 am to 2 pm), then two closing shifts, with a day off in-between the two closers. Each moment I am not at work, I will either be at the house of scrumbles or sleeping. I hate having weeks like this, as I so need some veg time to keep sane, but at least it's only a week here and there. All shall return to some semblance of normal after Sunday.

I hope.

So, yeah. Two live shows back to back, which will be convenient. All of "it" is supposed to "go down" at "work" by "Wednesday", so there's no telling what the hell my schedule will be like next week, or even what coworkers I'm going to have.

I hate teetering on the edge of Major Change.

Ooh, weird dream last night: I was outside in a park and climbed to the top of the slide. I felt the wind in my hair and opened up my entire soul to The Earth around me. I suddenly knew what was needed for the Earth to continue. I instantly pointed at three people, "You, you, and you! Walk into the ocean. The Gods have seen it to be good, and the Gods have seen it to be true." The three people trudged towards the ocean, where they would walk into its depths and drown. They showed no emotion as they left their children in the park and did so. I pointed at a few others and dictated that they go to various places, like downtown, California, or - again - into the ocean. I walked around, pointing my mighty finger at people and giving them instruction, which they had no choice but to obey. I finally came across a group of people at a bus stop or some sort of place like that. I pointed at the men and women and paired them up. I stated "If you have significant others, husbands or wives or partners at home, you do not know them anymore. This person is your new mate, and it is up to you to populate the earth with newer, more complete people." A few grumbled and showed signs of panic, but I forced my will on them. One older lady said she didn't know how to have sex, that she never had, so I gave an exasperated sigh and grabbed a man's pants, ripping his penis out and stroking it angrily up and down until it became hard, irritated that I had to stop in my duties to give such an instruction.