July 7th, 2008

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Sad news is that today was my last day with my personal trainer, Jeffrey. I adored him, I did. Great fun, he is. Talking like Yoda, I seem to be. We did a lower body circuit (always where I've carried my weight), stretching, and abs. He suggested that I try to come in 6 days a week and alternate days: a day of one hour of cardio, a day of half hour cardio + upper body, a day of one hour cardio, a day of half hour cardio + lower body, rinse, repeat. I plan on taking classes - especially the dance and yoga - once my general core strength and stamina gets up. I had gone in two days after the brutal upper body workout to do it again - I managed much more out of my abs, and my arms feel a million times better for it.

Happy news is that I seem to have dropped about 2 lbs in the last week, even though I've been eating like a sumo. Imagine if I can actually get myself to eating better, too? Oh em gee.

I so badly want to be a healthier human being.