July 10th, 2008

stinky kitty

(no subject)

Note number one: Sloan came out with a new album last month and no one told me?!?!

Note number two: I worked 6 am to 10 pm today, woo! I'm not even that tired. Other than...

Note number three: ... the three hours sleep I had last night.

Note number four: Store Manager (Captain) Kirk took me to lunch at iHop today, woo!

Note number five: mmmm, pancakes.

Note number six: I work at 6 am again tomorrow, but I seem to be dragged into Last Comic Standing for some reason.

Note number seven: Day started out craptascular, but got much better after noon.

Note number acht: I got my five year anniversary gift at work today.

Note number nueve: It's a certificate thanking me for five years of "passion, innovation, and fun".

Note number 00: and I can choose one gift from a catalog filled with metal jewelry - I'm allergic to metal.

Note number eleventyone: ... I forgot what else I was going to say.... OH YEAH. Phew, my feet are stanky.