July 11th, 2008

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Another whopping TWO hours sleep last night. Home from band practice, where I sported a sore throat and Ben sported a sore hand. Considering I sing and he plays guitar, no problem, right?

Captain Kirk told me that he listened to our cd 1.5 times between the time he left work yesterday and the time he returned today. He informed me of how he will be force feeding The Mercury Tree to his family on their drive to Canada for vacation. This is the third coworker that has come to me and told me that they love listening to my band in the car.

Trips me out for some reason.

Only one more hectic day - working at 6 am, off at 230 (hopes!) and on to Beaverton for a final practice before heading to the venue (Red Room!), where we go on at ten and have to hang around until closing - apparently we get paid a portion of the bar. FREE SHOW! Show up and drink lots, plz.

I love that both of us have ideas of all sorts of wacky things we would like to do and play. If only we didn't live so freaking far apart.