July 12th, 2008

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We, The Mercury Tree, will be playing the Red Room in Portland tonight - 2530 NE 82nd Ave!! Ten-ish is when we go on, but the first band goes on at nine!

A taste of what you will see...

Free show, woo! We promise, this time!
disco star

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Oh how very tired I am. The current sleep tally is a total of ten hours in three days. I'm beyond exhausted, and there's so very much to do.

I need to get my rear in the shower and change for tonight's show. I then need to head to Ben's for a final practice (possibly) before we head to the venue, where we will be until closing.

Thank God for caffeine and days off (tomorrow).

I shall be working about 50 - 60 hours next week, all in five days. Yay, overtime.

Yay, too, for the 2nd disc for Season One of Dead Like Me being present. Thank you, Netflix gawdz.

My sinuses are keeling me.