July 30th, 2008

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A single cup of Tazo Calm has been known to have the same effect as sitting for 45 minutes in a mountain meadow on a sunny day with your shoes off.

I so very hope that I'm not getting ill - my throat has been absolutely killing me for the last half of the day, three days in a row, and I have enough sinus pressure to make me question if I've been kicked in the face by an invisible ninja.

I cannot wait until my vacation, which will start on August 14th. I'll be off for four days, work four days, then be off for seven. If my days off remain the same, then it will work out to be practically two weeks of vacation with only five vacation days utilized, whoop-HA! I will also miss all the super busy stuff, like the teacher and hospital employee appreciations we will be doing. We shall see, though. I think two of the managers will be doing the Walk to the Coast, which would leave only three of us. If I'm on vacation, then the other two will have to go the entire time with one closing and the other opening - with no one to cover their lunches. The manager HAD approved me for that time off, so let's hope that it won't change.


I went to donate platelets today, but was turned away as my iron was low. As I left, a nurse near the door asked with a smile if I donated today, and I replied, "Yes, two whole drops!"

Watching: Family Guy
Reading: Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis