August 9th, 2008

disco star

I miss my boys...

I think that when I say this, I speak for the world...



.. what the HELL is up with Patrick Pentland's hair?!?


I should be dressed and leaving already - my band plays The Roseland Theater in Portland at 3pm today and I still need to figure out what I'm going to wear (as I realized in horror that my fat pants don't fit anymore, and not in the good way), get to work to give the coworkers their tickets (Jeremy, Elizabeth, and James and his son are all coming) and get myself to Portland asap.

Need something to do this afternoon? Why not come to The Rosland to take part in Music Against Autism (MAA?) - many funy bands from 1130 am to 5 pm, and for a grrrrreat cause! We, as I said, go on at three. Ben's leaving the piano at home so that our set up can be a bit more streamlined, but it should still be fun!
disco star

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The show was fun and for a good cause, thank you to those that came!

In other news.... I get to go to Seattle! On Wednesday, to be precise. gaeba and I are making a road trip! I haven't been up their since I was 15 - my mommy gave me a whole $5 to spend on that trip!