August 18th, 2008


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Mmmm, in one fell swoop, $140 in overdraft fees.

Boy, did I screw the pooch on that one.

Ooh, and wage garnishment starts again on this coming paycheck.

Aaah, do I (not) love money.

Oh, how Bacci (and our entire house) is beyond infested with fleas suddenly.

Woo, and I get to close (of all things) tonight.

La, Bacci just lost her balance, knocking a ton of stuff off my desk and using my arm as a place to dig her claws to regain her balance. Blood is pouring forth, and (yet another) scar will be coming, I do foresee.

Meh, do I (not) love Mondays.
cat painting

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Today was my five year anniversary (!!!) with my place of employment. I got to spend my anniversary by NOT having the vacation I was promised and by mopping up child urine from our copy area's floor. The woman's child peed her pants (she was about four to six years of age) and left a trail on the floor, and her nana let the small girl and her brother play all over the place for the next hour while she finished making her copies.

Freaking people.

The area that my cat punctured (and dangled off of!!) on my arm is a nice angry red. It's also in the perfect place... the part of your forearm that touches things, like oh.... desks and chair arms and HOLYGOD sharp corners.