September 7th, 2008

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Yayz, I get to work on a Sunday!! I'm so spoiled at my job, really. I'm the only one with a set schedule, choice hours, choice job, choice coworkers... I guess I can throw them a bone and work a Sunday or so. Seeing as I've been able to get out of other Sundays I was scheduled, i.e. falling over a chairmat and getting a free vacation. I'm mostly healed now, though I still have faint bruises and have issues kneeling.

Herm... I thought I had more things to add, but apparently I do not. Please leave a message after the tone.






your car smells like farts

My biggest character, Pencilcup, my Night Elf hunter, Proudmoore realm, and her pet, WhiteOut. (aka, the gayest server in all of Azeroth. - Ha! I almost put "Norrath".)

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As you can probably tell, I have little creativity when it comes to my character names, so they're either all inanimate objects or game-generated, except for Nakomi, who I made as Nakura's evil twin sister.