September 9th, 2008

bwa kawk

I thought that the characters weren't black and white

Shirley MacLane rocks my socks, I love watching interviews with her.

Still working my way through Son of a Witch, which I'm finding an easier and more entertaining read than Wicked so far.

While waiting for the servers to come back up, I'm cleaning out old emails, so THERE. I would like to hit 67 tonight, thankyouverymuch.

A smidge less than two weeks until my week.5 vacation. Worlds will be accomplished then, I am hoping.

Watched Plan 9 from Outer Space yesterday - I had put it in my Netflix queue on the recommendation from coworker Chris for the sheer amazing awfulness of it. My Netflix queue is so long - it's been over two years since I've worked with Chris.

I heard last night that McCain is four points ahead of Obama in the polls? How can this be?