September 25th, 2008

disco star

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WHY ON EARTH... out of every song ever created, instead of something by someone wonderfully talented and in-depth with their song writing and composing...

.. have I woke up with this freaking song going through my head for two days in a row?!?!?

I blame OfficeMax radio.

Yes, yes, it brings other wonderful things like Death Cab, Keane, Weezer, Better Than Ezra, etc., but... thanks to IT, I know all the words to many songs by Avril, N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys... and other stuff that I probably don't want to know who.
disco star

Look, it's a picture of us at the Regatta!

This pleases me greatly for some reason:

And to think, depending upon when this came out, if Seth would have actually caught his flight on 9/11, we could have been spared this funtasticness.

Vacuumed the livingroom, moved a ton of stuff and vacuumed again, then threw down some high traffic foam to get the ick out. Bacci is hanging out in her bedroom (aka The Upstairs Bathroom, where all her stuff is) until it dries. Funny that she hasn't wanted to touch the carpet in WEEKS, but the first time I plop something down that could eat through her intestines...

I've downed so much hot tea today - GIMMAY.