October 24th, 2008

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No matter how many times I watch this, it slays me.

Many things to contemplate regarding my future. The only thing that I know is that by my 34th birthday in March, my life will most likely be very different than it is now. Only time will tell what KIND of different.

We (the roommates and I) went to see these guys in concert two nights ago:

The Whigs opened. Meh. I wished that scrumbles was there so that we could critique them together. They seem to do two things that top my music pet peeve list: They repeat things over and over and over and over, and only sing in about a half octave range. At one point, stanieldaniel turned to me and said "I can't tell how many songs in we are because they all sound the same..." Due to some technical difficulties, there was almost an hour between sets. The four of us (Jen and brosely included) entertained ourselves and the surrounding people by making a balancing tower of our empty water bottles.

The Kooks were fun and had solid harmonies. I realized that I know more of their music than I thought. I learned that I strongly feel that people should not be allowed to attend such things while wearing GIANT FLOPPY HATS, grr. Also, no amount of Hot Chick will keep you from pissing the entire crowd off if you push and shove through everyone when we're 5'6" and you're a Hot Chick Over Six Feet Tall. About an equal half of the crowd was a bunch of rude jerks, literally shoving others out of the way to get closer. When we were still pretty spread out, I had a guy give me a "you're dismissed" look, then turn right around three inches in front of me to block my view. SO many freaking young teens, too.

The last post was sent while we were there, as a guy in the general area in front of us the entire time had a shirt that said fanny pak world tour.

Now we know.

Was going to go to bed early tonight, but forgot that I have a going away potluck to go to tonight, with Liz and Kyle and Lori and Jessalyn and Deb. I work at 6 am, woo!
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