October 26th, 2008

period FUN!

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It's official:

I have The Plague.

I sneezed and blew my nose to a raw mess on Saturday, and woke up with the same issue x 40 today. I feel as if my nostrils are bright enough to flag down small aircraft.

At least it's not The Plague that is currently in WoW. I've been trying to not be as irritated as everyone at being attacked by zombies when I'm just trying to grab a flight or hit a mailbox. It's just a freaking game, but... sheesh. Instead, I have been spending my time out in empty fields picking daisies and painting pictures (read: herbalism + inscription).

I also figured out why I've been super sarcastic and easily irritated lately. Yup. I need to at least make a private post or something each month so that I can refer to it to see when to expect it. Funny that I refer to LJ more than any other source to figure out when I'm going to bleed.