November 25th, 2008

period FUN!

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This song has been freaking going through my head for DAYS for some reason:

I haven't thought of The Monkees for years. Thanks to Nickelodeon playing them at 430 in the afternoon for awhile, I completely fell in love with them as an eleven year old. Thus, my adoration for tall, gangly boys started at an early age - I hearted Mike Nesmith and his dorky hat.

Mmmm, delicious cramps make me want to throw evil eye darts at anything with a penis, as they simply can't understand dealing with it every month. I always try to 'splain it as having a bad batch of Taco Bell, but without the, uh... gravy making, and a.... thicker pain? How could you possibly explain what uterus cramps feel like to someone without a uterus?

I'm also wearing three layers of shirts and have the house heater AND space heater on, and I cannot get warm.
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