November 27th, 2008

disco star

Take part in their spirited Latin medly...

I like the fact that our family isn't all hell bent on massive celebrations anymore. Today will not be filled with cooking or small talking with people we rarely see or stress over any of that. Instead, we shall celebrate a Pajama Day until later on when we will swing by our Mom's for a brief one hourish visit. The biggest stress will be dreading tomorrow, what with having a retail job and all. My Official Duty as Operations Supervisor will be to be the front end cheerleader, with whatever that entails. I shall be in charge of the giant mock dry erase board they drew up to cross off of whatever we run out of.

Also, shame on me for not seeing my mother since EASTER, when she lives in the same flipping town.

I'm thankful for my roommates, for Daniel's quiet strength, for Jessie's... Jessieness. I'm thankful for my insane cat, though she's calmed down immensely, methinks. (She's currently next to me, flipping her head upside down to forcefully nudge the back of my right hand.)

Thankful for my friends, of course, and that means YOU.


Watching the Macy's parade (because my mommy said to, that's why) and seeing Spongebob reminds me of the other day at work. I was briefly running a register and and a 50s ish white-haired lady came through my line with a Spongebob 2009 calendar. On the calendar was a giant statement saying "Celebrate Spongebob's 10th anniversary!!!" I said, "Holy cow, Spongebob is TEN?!?! That makes me feel so OOOOOOOLLLLD!"

I instantly wanted to pull my foot back out of my mouth, afraid I had offended the customer in some way. She said "I'm getting this for my friend Bob for his 50th birthday. His entire bathroom is Spongebob!"

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Spent the day, so far, uploading a zillion and one pictures onto my MySpace. I've always neglected the hell out of that site, so why I have a burning urge now to do something with it.... *shrug*

Freezing half to death, with space heater on and cat heater on my lap. Quite a bit bored, too.

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I... am generally completely oblivious to the opposite sex - or sexuality at all, really. I hardly notice anything or anyone around me. Some coworkers and I will be driving around and they'll be giving themselves whiplash looking at boys while I stare off into space, absorbed in my own thoughts. I almost never flirt, giggle, or blush.

So why on earth did I buy oranges because a cute boy at Safeway told me to? There was certainly giggling and blushing involved on my part, too.

Silly produce worker Ryan.