November 30th, 2008

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If I don't state it enough: I love Portland.

I've lived oh so many places throughout the U.S., but Portland is the first city that I actually feel HOME in. Even the first night I went to downtown Portland after moving here, I knew I was home.

The roommates and I decided to swing down to P-Town for some breakfast at the Screen Door. Breakfast turned into some roaming, including a trip to Powell's. Sad that I've lived up here for... almost six years now and still haven't managed a trip to Powell's since I was seventeen. We then roamed Hawthorne and caught Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist at Bagdad with delicious Ruby beer. Dinner followed at Thad.... somethingorrather...

I love having four distinct seasons. I love 50 degree weather. (Yes, I freeze quite easily, but I still love it.) I love having nine months of overcast. I love being surrounded by hippies and tree huggers and dog walkers and artsy people.

While we were eating breakfast...

Me: A girl just walked by outside with a tattoo of a shamrock behind her ear.
Jess: A what? A ham?
Me: A four leaf clover.
Daniel: A HAM. How would you be able to make a tattoo that was very obviously a ham?
Me: I dunno, like one with the bone in the middle, maybe some pineapple...
Daniel: and the word "HAM" written underneath it....

We also contemplated the reasoning behind Portland still having leaves on their trees, but Vancouver trees have been bare for awhile.

I think I'm teetering on another one of my vegetarian bouts. The very idea of meat lately sickens me. I'm also wondering if I'm developing some sort of aversion to eggs, as the last three times I ate them (um... "undiluted", like a slab of egg or scrambled in rice, not in random things like cake) I've gotten ill.

No idea why I've been wanting to immerse myself in a million James Bond movies lately...
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