December 3rd, 2008


Are you ready to meet your new nail?

You find 394 Neopoints!!!

You find a Box of decorations!!!

You also find a Metallic Holiday Tree!!!

Captain Kirk (aka Papa Smurf) treated me to lunch at Taste of Asia today. As we left, he said that his alternative reason for bringing me was so that I could carry the Barbie we were buying for the little girl my store adopted for the holidays. As we were heading to the checkout at Target, my arms were filled with Black Barbie(tm), three outfits, a tiara for the girl, a tiny makeup bag with glitter "makeup", a butterfly wand, and a stuffed poodle. I said "I see how it is, then. I get to just follow you like your little assistant and carry all your things." "Fine," he replied. "I'll carry the wand."

We then headed to the dollar store for gift bags and goodies for the employees for the second week of our Nondenominational Winter Festival. We were stopped several times by angry customers, demanding to know where things like "stencils" and "brick-a-brack" were. The last person that we informed that we did not work there puffed up as if she was about to call "bullshit" but calmed down when we both ran our fingers under our shirts where it said "OfficeMax".

I got to then spend the final hour of my shift gift wrapping the toys for the tot, and bagging the goodies for my lovelies. It amazes me, sometimes, what I get paid by the hour to do.

The roommates and I just got back from Vancouver Mall where bubble tea was had. I somehow got suckered into a massive sales pitch by a rather handsome guy with an accent and a nail buffer. Thank goodness I'm too poor to afford such silly things. I kept laughing at him as each time I tried to leave, he would suddenly come up with an even more special deal tailored just for me! Wow, as I was the final customer of the night, he was able to offer me a discount for a whole kit - started at $65 for one... then magically buy one, get one free... then only $35. Um, no. I still have a kit from the last time I got suckered - down at Clackamas Town Center by a grabby woman when I was on my way to potty.

So now I have one super duper shiny fingernail. Only one, and conveniently the middle one :)
disco star

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I normally don't post these, but giggled at a few of them...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, aubkabob sent to me...
Twelve stars drumming
Eleven storms sleeping
Ten dreams a-dancing
Nine beliefs cuddling
Eight vampires a-reading
Seven candles a-singing
Six pagans a-performing
Five evi-i-i-il genius
Four vacant stairs
Three gin blossoms
Two sean watkins
...and a velvet in a fantasy.
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I also seem to be suddenly attending a NIN concert on Sunday night with macmanchad? Rawk. Long story, but an interesting twist!