December 4th, 2008

disco star

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You find 953 Neopoints!!!

You find a Adorable Hex Doll!!!

You also find a Tekkitu Lamp!!!

I was a Grumpy Gus when I got to work, which resulted in everyone tiptoe-ing around me and begging me to let them buy me a soda or a candy bar or some other yum to cheer me up. Ended up in a greatly improved mood by the time we left.

Tis the season.. for idiots to come in and steal from us. First was a VERY obviously cracked out lady (hard 30's to soft 40's in age) with a 90's styled bangs and a dirty pink coat. She had a card scan executive scanner in front of her, saying she didn't have the receipt, her mother bought it for her, but she needs to return it, avoiding eye contact the whole time. As I do the corporate counts every week, I know that we recently had one come up missing - at $260. I inform her "ooh GOSH, I wish I could return it, but it's SO over the amount we can return without a receipt!" She thankfully left without a fuss.

Later two women - also very methy - came in, setting off every alarm as they came through. One (in ownership of only a handful of very black teeth) said that she just bought a backpack at Target (which was very used and worn). The two women picked out a Windows Vista box and some make-um-yerself check software. They also conveniently lost their i.d. on the way there and tried to write a check. Um, nope.