December 6th, 2008


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Happy birthday to the best brother in the woooooorld!!!


Thank you for being.

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I think it's silly that he has his birthday on Pearl Harbor Day, and I got the War in Iraq for mine. (Granted, it was March 20th THERE when it started, but it was still March 19th here in the states...)

Edit: and now you all know that I'm totally screwed up on my days - I keep for the life of me thinking that Saturday is Dec 7th and my brother's birthday. My baby brother will be 28 on SUNDAY.

I happen to be a school prefect.

You find 295 Neopoints!!!

You find a Seasonal Chomby Biscuits!!!

You also find a Christmas Paint Brush!!!

So now that Jess is officially away to Olive Garden with Jen, I suppose it might be safe to tell you that the party is NOT at Chroni's tonight, it's a surprise event at Jen's house. Text message me at 360.213.5517 if you need the address or directions.

In spirit of keeping it secret, I let Jess go off with Jen to Olive Garden, saying I had already eaten and was stuffed - Dan ran off to get alcohol and I bathed... and am now STARVING.

I also drank a million glasses of water, in hopes that super hydrating myself will help to combat the hangover that I'm likely to have tomorrow. I think I've peed about forty times, give or take.
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