December 9th, 2008

disco star

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You find 479 Neopoints!!!

You find a Pocket Christmas Tree Keyring!!!

You also find a Key Quest Key Snowglobe!!!

Phew, caught it by one minute.

I won 10,000 np on a scratch card yesterday. Too bad I never pay attention to the site except in the Month of Celebrating (December).

You find 374 Neopoints!!!

You find a Christmas Pile of Soot!!!

You also find a Scientist Wig!!!

I like to use my lab ray on one of my pets and when it hits something interesting, release it to be adopted by someone else. I'm just pissy that I stupidly put my brand new Christmas Zafara up for adoption with it's petpet. I want my Drugan back!

And now it's time for sleepy.
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June 29th was the last time I got my hairs cut. It's now a bit longer than shoulder-length, still 100% my natural color, and sort of shaggy at the ends (from being grown out from short and spiky).

Not sure if I want to bother to do anything with it.
murphy kiss

Rib fractures, multiple lacerations...

Yay for the crazy bag lady look.

I'm quite sad that I can't seem to find any of my hats. Well, I DID find my moogle hat that I made a couple of years ago, and my bear hat from faetal, but I didn't feel like being a bear or a moogle. I know that I also have a lovely pink hat that dispensed made for me, and a green one that I made myself... no flipping idea where they are, though.

It may snow on Monday, which I'm quite excited for, but I hate not having a generic, warm, OMG NON ITCHY hat.
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