December 12th, 2008


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You find 639 Neopoints!!!

You find a Stack of Slightly Used Carrots!!!

You also find a Fiery Mittens!!!

Thank you, dearest faetal, for directing me to a place that will bring me produce! I don't get to the store very often, so I'm very excited about organic, (mostly) local fruit and veggies. This may also motivate me to learn more about stuff like leeks and beets and other vegetables found behind the Green Glass Door.

Apartment Fixer Guy came and fixed our downstairs heater. He shared all sorts of faboo stuff with me, like options once our lease is up as well as what things we would get in trouble for after we moved. (He says that although "we" have lived here for eight years, our carpet still - amazingly - looks good enough to clean and rent out one more time, plus there's no damage. Carpet we're only responsible for for seven years, and paint for eighteen months.)

To give you a recap, once upon a time faetal (Andrea), jadisan (Gwyn), and dispossessed (Andrew) moved into this here townhome. In December of 2003, Gwyn and Andrew moved out, and I moved in with Andrea. In August/September of 2005, Andrea married and moved out, and brosely (my brother Jessie) and stanieldaniel (Daniel) moved in. It's now December of 2008 (um... in case no one told you).

My alarm clock woke me up this morning and took me away from a delicious makeout session with Riley Finn.

Me-sa hungry now.