December 16th, 2008

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I had tried to find this online last night with no success... Thank you, slave1!!

Pardon me whilst I squee with fangirl gleeeee! Mmmm, Gambit was always my fave...

Looking at to see who all was in the movie, I laughed at my nerdiness when I saw a picture of the guy who will be playing The Blob and said, "It's Lord Zapacna!!"

In other news: I can handle the cold SO very much in comparison to OMFG THE STATIC ELECTRICITY!!! This is the first time I've had longish hair in years, and it's like I have an octopus on the back of my head that's trying to suffocate me!!
disco star

The weather could delay the memorial services...

I should have been in bed hours ago, but I have been wanting a beer since... 11 am? Yup. I am finishing it off after watching the Season Finale of The Biggest Loser - the girl I wanted to win did win :) I haven't bothered to change the channel as I'm going to bed soon (with my alarm going off at 330 am) and am feeling a bit tortured with Mama's Boys. Are these girls for real? Sheesh. Knowing what airheads exist out there, I'm beginning to wonder why the hell I'm still single. Well, yes, I'm not a size two, but I have BRAAAAAAINS. I also like video games, cool movies, and beer, so I won't bitch if you want to come home and take part in anything of the sort.

I also got my first nosebleed of the season, woo! Of course, I'm an ass and actually blew my nose after it started, which - I'm certain - didn't help.

I think my beer + my nightly Benedryl is making sentence construction.... most difficult.

According to the news, it's supposed to drop about 3-5 inches of snow on us tomorrow between 7 am and noon, then freeze over, then turn to rain around 4 pm, then freeze after dark and snow again, weeee! Captain Kirk will be picking me up tomorrow morning for work, but I'm certain Thursday's walk will be delicious!

I think I need new/more icons.

Also, I'm not getting text messages for some reason, for something crazy like five days. Grar. The last thing I received was from petals_of_blue on 12/11.