December 19th, 2008

disco star

End petlessness.

Yaaaay, accumulation! I love waking up and peeking out of my bedroom window like a kid and having WHITE EVERYWHERE, even on tiny little branches on the tree outside! I just hope it's still there for my walk to work at 1230...

Woke up this morning with this song going through my head:

I was loving the fact that the first page of comments on youtube had zero bad things to say about the video/song - definitely the first I've ever seen ;) Scratch that, someone said "Nice hair." though that could really be an observation more than a gripe.

I freaking LOVED this album so much in my teens (still do, to a point). I listened to it all the flipping time. I remember how everyone kept talking about "Holy wow, who killed Sister Mary?" and how much I so wanted the box set so I could figure it out!! (Still sorta do, though I know the answer...)

Dorky teenage moment: I used to listen to the album at 14 and daydream that I could do a remake of "Eyes of a Stranger" as a duet with NUNO BETTENCOURT (Extreme) of all people. I remember thinking that he was a talented enough to figure out the fantastic playings of Chris D'Garmo.

Which brings me to another dork point - as a teen I knew just about every metal band and the names of each band member. Okay, okay. Maybe not METAL, though I certainly knew Lemmy, Dave Mustaine, Lars, etc., but every obscure "hair band" of the era. As I was watching the video, it was all coming back to me: Oh! Geoff Tate! Chris D'Garmo! Michael Clayton! ... .Scott? That was as far as I got. I love that I can watch various top 100 "whatever" of all time on VH1 and immediately be able to point (and laugh) and say "Bruce Dickenson! Bruno Ravel!! The Nelson twins!!"

What is even more hilarious - I LOVED me some unsigned local bands from various places throughout the US. I had MANY penpals (we're talking 100+ in snail mail) who would mail their music to me. A few of them still hold dear places in my heart (Honor Among Thieves, The Excentrics, Fraidy Cat, Love Pollution, Moodcrush, Spider Junkies) but I found a few other ones on MySpace recently and.... WOAH. I got cramps from laughing so hard at such awful, awful, HORRENDOUS music that I used to listen to repeatedly. Case in point, a band (who shall remain nameless, but a cookie to whomever knows) from Boston that has an actual MySpace page with their old music on it... I even still knew the words...

I like em hot
and I like em sweet
I like it when they turn around
and show their tits to me...

Kind of makes me wonder what bands I'll be looking at ten, twenty years from now and wonder what the hell I saw in them when I was in my thirties.
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Because WoW is being a wench and booting me repeatedly from the server (and then not letting me back on), I shall bring you a WoW post!

Here is my beloved main, Pencilcup, who dinged 71 a couple of days ago...

Oh how I heart her butch haircut. Her pet there is HolePunch, my giant purple dinosaur. I got her a new pet today, a black and blue raptor, as yet unnamed. As fun as beast mastery is, the exotic pets are just too flipping BIG.

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I got a kick out of the fact that at my brother's birthday party, a couple of friends complained that I don't talk about WoW enough ;) I also loved our little nerd bubbles that we created - standing off to the side and discussing Alliance vs. Horde while everyone else was having REAL conversations.