December 22nd, 2008


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You find 843 Neopoints!!!

You find a Diorama of Petpetpets Celebrating the Holidays!!!

You also find a Petpetpet Holiday Decorations!!!

These item(s) are available in your inventory.

Work wasn't nearly as long FEELING today as I had thought. After taking more than twenty minutes to walk what normally takes me five, I called Kirk and told him that if he wanted me at work at seven, he might want to come get me.

We were slammed a couple of times and there were certainly RUDE people. Cheez, you would think that with everything in the city closed down that they would be thankful we were open.

Poor Lori couldn't get out of her house in her car, but hitched a ride to work to wait for Kirk to give me a ride home, and now she's hanging out with me until another friend gets off work tonight, who will take her to the airport tomorrow.

I'm a sucktastic hostess.